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ContinuumEdge® Software Application Modules:

Software Solutions

With a modular structure, ContinuumEdge® is comprised of four different types of modules that work in unison to provide a software system management solution tailor-made to your needs.

Completions Software, Commissioning Software, Safety Software, Operability Software, ContinuumEdge

Base Modules

These modules are the backbone of the system and are designed to interface all of your organization’s fundamental documentation in an efficient and synchronized manner. Base Modules collect and store information specific to the design and operability of your plant.

Master Asset & Tag Manager
Single access point, reducing the probability of personnel using uncontrolled information and duplicating effort to maintain same, or similar, information.
Resource Manager - (Vendor, Supplier, Manufacturer)
Manage project involvement, contract and purchasing information and track resource scheduling for onsite support.
Asset Preservation & Warranty
Assigns and tracks the completion of preservation tasks. Simplifies task preparation by providing information on the equipment, tools and consumables.
Document & Drawing Core Module
Document Control is managed through Standards and Naming Convention, Approval, Revocation, Check-in/Check-out workflows, and a structured MOC Process.
Management of Change (MOC)
The root cause of all accidents is uncontrolled change. Our MOC oversees the assigning, tracking, reporting and approval of action items required to implement changes in highly regulated industrial environments.
Standard Job & Task Modeling
Identifies steps, resources, tools and documents required to perform any job. Develops and maintains job and task libraries, both asset and work related. The library expedites and simplifies CMMS system setup and configuration.

Application Modules

Specific to the functional requirements of your organization. Being highly, flexible they can be customized or modified to suit your applications and provide more functionality to manage specific tasks or functions.

Completions & Commissioning Software Management System (CCMS)
Designed to consolidate asset information and verify installation, testing and performance of all equipment, instruments, piping and Control System IO points.
Project Governance Software Management System (PGMS)
Designed to manage one or more projects from early framing through Start-Up and turnover to Operations. Analyze, estimate and audit in the pre-execution phase; track "actuals"vs "planned" in the execution phase.
Safety Risk Software Management System (SRMS)
Designed to look at the entire safety spectrum of industrial operations and deliver a set of documents to support job execution.
Operability Development Software Management System (ODMS)
Designed to drive planning, preparation and execution of operational-readiness by consolidating and coordinating operating strategies, commissioning and startup activities, system turnover, employee training & certifications, HSE procedures, and operations & maintenance development.

Benefits of these 3 Modules are:

  • Fully compatible with each other and the Base Modules.
  • Highly flexible and can be specifically customized or modified to suit your application.
  • Web based, allowing for remote off-site access and support.

Sub Modules

The building blocks used to tailor the ContinuumEdge® system specifically to your organization’s requirements. Currently over 30 sub modules are available, with more being developed all the time.

So, if you have a specific function that needs to be managed, we can develop a module for it.

Some examples include:

Project Controls
Request for Information (RFIs), Work Breakdowns (Project Phases / Stages / Activities), Project Resource Assigment, PO Configuration, Material & Tools Configuration, and more.
Motor Management & Efficiency Calculator
Manages Electrical motor efficiencies. Focuses on managing "datasheet" information for four (4) types of motors and contains a Motor Library that currently looks at sizing, costs and efficiency data for approximately 17,000 different Motor Model.
Instrument Calibration
This module allows users to calibrate any number of instruments. It is a very useful tool for daily operation of your facility.


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