1. Software Services
  2. Data Integration/Migration
  3. Customization
  4. Onsite Training
  5. Hosting

Professional Software Services

Our software services are comprised of software and professional services focused on Operational Risk Management and Safety Document Development. We act as an extension to a client organization by creating an integrated team of IBS subject matter experts and appointed plant personnel. The integrated team will quickly identify problem areas, areas of improvement and develop action plans.

Completions Software, Commissioning Software, Safety Software, Operability Software, ContinuumEdge

Benefits of this approach:

  • Minimize the time required for IBS personnel on-site,
  • Lower overall costs and facilitate a smooth exit strategy.

Software Services focus on developing, customizing, Integrating and Hosting software applications. Our extensive experience in industrial operations and systems development sets us apart from the many software companies.

For more information on IBS Software Services, take a look at the IBS Services Page.

Data Integration / Migration

CE® supports Enterprise Information Integration (EII), producing a unified interface with the ability to view data and information for an entire organization, and a single set of structures and naming conventions (known as uniform information representation) to represent this data. The goal of EII is to transform a large set of disparate data sources into a single, homogeneous data source.

Our system integrators have experience integrating custom systems and databases (designed for industrial facilities) to establish EII and overall change management processes.

Integration Experience includes:

Enterprise Applications
Integration of enterprise applications (such as SAP, Oracle).
Custom Applications
Integration of custom applications.
Database population and migration.
Third Party
Third party report integration.
Web Server
Web server configuration and setup.
Database Server
Database server configuration and setup.



No two enterprises approach their customers in the same fashion, and not all applications are designed to fit every enterprise's special needs. Certain changes or additions require changing of application codes and reporting in order to maximize return on investment.

Customizations may include:

  • Features,
  • Extensions,
  • Interface Improvements,
  • Custom Reports,
  • Database connectivity (data share, and management of change).





Onsite Training

On-site software training includes an action plan to train personnel on application functionality and safety methodologies. We offer individual or group trainings, each customized to deliver specific documentation and the knowledge necessary to use and maintain an IBS application.

Training groups may include:

  • Lead Users,
  • IT Help desk,
  • Database Administrator,
  • Web Server Administrator,
  • System Administrator






Our hosting service is provided to clients that may not have the infrastructure or support team to implement one of our safety solutions. It is ideal for capital projects that only require a safety or information system for a temporary period. We provide a simple “seat-license” where we charge a nominal usage fee for each user. Our license strategy keeps the “Total Cost of Ownership to a minimum” and allows our clients to trial software before purchasing it.

We dedicate a team of support personnel with expertise on industrial operations and can assist answering technical questions. You no longer need to deal with an IT department that doesn’t understand your specialized operational needs.

Hosting provides clients Cost Savings through:

No Investment
Minimum to No Capital Investment – No hardware to purchase or maintain.
web No Communications Costs
Eliminate expensive leased lines and satellite links. Access your applications directly from the Internet with your web browser.

No Management Costs
We manage the entire system: Configuration, administration, installation, maintenance, upgrades and database backups.

No Desktop Upgrades We perform all the upgrades on our servers and you get the performance benefits on your workstation. No Deployment Costs
Desktops only need a internet connection. We take care of installations, configuration and upgrades.
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