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Project Governance Software Management System (PGMS) Overview

The PGMS is Project Management Software designed to manage one or more projects from early framing through Start-Up and turnover to Operations. Projects are typically broken into two (2) phases.

  1. The pre-execution phase is designed to provide the project a robust toolkit to analyze, estimate and audit a project before it is presented to a committee for approval on execution.
  2. The execution phase tracks “actuals” against “planned” activities while linking to Level 5-6 detailed task execution in the CCMS. This capability provides our clients the biggest value by:
    • consolidating detailed project information across all areas and responsibility groups,
    • using simple and organized approach, giving upper management a clear overall view,
    • focusing on executive decisions where most needed in the form of dashboards and custom built reports.
Project Governance Software Management System

By combining Completions Software (CCMS) information in the PGMS, executives get a complete picture of every project flagging project components that need attention or intervention. Moreover, they trust the information in the reports because it comes from live field data and directly from personnel on the job.

Project Governance Software Components

This powerful input driven Database provides the foundation for full Project Lifecycle Oversight. Combined with the CCMS, it tracks all project activities, task dependencies, deliverables and cost items, then calculates and displays the overall governance values in higher level dashboards and reporting.

Level 1Project Performance, Risk and Governance Dashboard
Provides insight into scope, schedule, budget, project changes, and other governance metrics.
Level 2 Lifecycle Reporting
View details such as Definition Rating Index, Procurement Report, Risk Assessments and Lessons Learned.
Level 3 Analytical Dashboards
Focuses on Assessing Changes to the Project, along with highlighting Milestones, Benchmarks and Monthly Report Packages.
Alerts & Intervention Dashboard
Focuses on the “variance” between planned and actual Scope, Schedule, Budget, HSE, and Change values.
Performance Reporting
Project Management Team (PMT) Monthly and Project Health Approved Reports.
Scope, Schedule and Budget
Monitor, coordinate and administer engineering (and other) changes and their impact to the health of the project.
Consolidate Detailed Project Information
View a variety of charts: geo-spacial map, variance charts, KPI dial gauges, and performance matrices.
Project Controls
Data collection. Compiling Weekly and Monthly reports to accurately inform management of up-to-date project status.
Analyze & Audit Projects
Pre-execution phase toolkit provides ability to estimate a project prior to committee approval.



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