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Operability Development Software Management System (ODMS) Overview

Serving as an Operations and Maintenance development and tracking platform, the ODMS system contains Business and Operational criticality methodology while providing work break down structure by phase and activity.

The ODMS is designed to drive planning, preparation and execution of operational-readiness by consolidating and coordinating operating strategies, commissioning and startup activities, system turnover, employee training & certifications, HSE procedures, and operations & maintenance development.  Our ODMS specifically develops the content required to populate your CMMS system.

Operability Development Software Management System

Operability Development Software Components

This powerful knowledge driven Database provides the foundation for Operations, Maintenance, Training, Safety, and departmental development. It integrates activities, task dependencies and deliverables to meet “operational readiness” business goals.

Business & Process Criticality
Provides a method to assess business and operational risk, along with importance to phases and tasks.
Failure Mode Effects Analyis (FMEA)
Conduct reviews of components, assemblies, and subsystems to identify failure modes, recording and rating causes and effects.
Ops & Maintenance Task Development
Manages Operations Strategy and sequence of Procedures. Supports Maintenance strategy & Fix Asset development, Procedures, and energy optimization replacement.
Job Safety Analysis
Identifying and Controlling workplace hazards. Integrating all safety Permit to Work, LOTO Isolation, Lock & Key, Safety Documents and reporting with CMMS systems.
Ops, Maintenance and Safety Training
Supports training assessments and program design & development for both, Classroom and Multi-media delivery.
Document For Ops (DFO)
Defining early DFO requirements critical to dependent operations, maintenance and training development activities.
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Define assets between project partners by listing raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and quantities of each.
Spare Parts
Warranty management of both Equipment and Technology key performance and compliance are tied to the appropriate phases, activities and tasks.
Risk Assessment

Determine the Initial and Post values of risk per task by calculating the level of potential loss against the probability that loss will occur.



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