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Governance, Completions, Safety, and Operability Software

ContinuumEdge® software is an integrated management system that can maintain:

In a world that has seen information management become the predominant focus in constructing and operating facilities, we enter an age where a software package that integrates all management systems is crucial.

ContinuumEdge®(CE) software offers a one-of-a-kind solution to manage ALL aspects of a project.
CE is much different than any other completions system, as it is designed as a collection of “management systems” that enable our clients to manage activities from the beginning of a project - from Framing and Feasibility, through FEED, Detailed Design, Construction and Commissioning and Custody Transfer to Operations.
The CE platform is also used as an Operational tool to perform Document Control, Management of Change (MOC), Safety Isolations, and O&M inspections.

Our biggest differentiator is CE’s ability to “activate” modules as needed to fill the voids of clients' application portfolios, allowing owners/operators to purchase only what is needed to manage the full spectrum of a project.

The ContinuumEdge® product suite is developed upon a robust technological platform that enables clients to manage mega-projects, complex data, workflows, and large user base. The new web-based platform is highly configurable, and customizable. We have designed a platform that is NOT costly to align with client functional requirements.

ContinuumEdge® software is designed to:

  • Centralize information required for day-to-day operations and task completion,
  • Standardize the development and “linking” of Critical Documentation,
  • Manage detailed plant information and eliminate inaccurate and conflicting data,
  • Improve Searching through information integration and advanced queries,
  • Communicate with other applications to improve change management.
Completions Software, Commissioning Software, Safety Software, Operability Software, ContinuumEdge
CE Capabilities. Click on image to enlarge.

Combine our Completions, Governance, Safety and Operability software systems to achieve greater efficiencies, more accurate change management, and a safer workplace.
All applications are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Remote/Mobile Technology

Simplify operations through the use of remote, secure and robust handheld technologies. Work in real-time. Track field operations or work independently of enterprise systems.

Mobile Apps
Windows and iOS applications can be used both on and offline.
Wireless Feeds
At the beginning of each shift, the Database will send out updates for personnel.
Red Flags
The system will identify potential safety issues by placing a red flag next to an item.
Linking to other units
CE Mobile devices can link to other mobile and sync information in real time.
Work from your Desktop
Any work done on your office desktop will automatically be sent to the mobile device.
Secure Links
We guarantee the latest in security technology with our mobile devices.



Industrial Web Applications

Industry specific applications designed to improve clients' operational abilities by providing secure and reliable web-access-point connection from anywhere in the world  to maintain or access system data.

Each application has an interactive dashboard that gives up to date information.
Work in the Cloud
Work anywhere in the world that has a reliable web-access point.
Backup Support
Backup your systems where ever and whenever required.
Working in Sync
Our Apps can link to mobile devices and sync information in real time.
Putting it all together
Our modular system of web applications are built to work together.
Secure Connection
We guarantee the latest in security technology with our web applications.




Data Integration

Synchronize information between systems and databases in real time!
Provide solutions for Project and Operations Management by streamlining Change Management between systems, keeping information up-to-date and complete.

Save Time
Save time and expense by streamlining Change Management tasks.
Schedule tasks on a day, month, yearly basis to ensure compliance and safety.
Completely secure transactions of sensitive information.
Change Management
Manage information and updates in real time.
Database Control
Our databases communicate with each other seamlessly.
We provide custom made tools to manage your data.





What is CE Software?
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